Every Car From The Tuner Update, Ranked

The new Tuners update is now available in GTA Online and it has brought a bunch of new additions to the game. Rockstar has updated the radio stations again, added collectible music sticks, created new test track races, and brought in a new property to get money from.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a GTA Online update without the addition of new cars. After all, the new update is all about racing and customizing vehicles. Players now have access to an additional ten cars to purchase from both Legendary Motorsports and Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Obey Tailgater S

GTA Online Obey tailgater S car drifting

The stats of the Tailgater S could be better than they are. This car is one of the few that are classified as sedans instead of sports cars. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer some great customization options. There is still a ton to choose from for this car. The stats are a little above average for the speed and acceleration and the handling is worse than most in the update. This car comes in at a price of $1,495,000.

Warrener HKR

GTA Online Warrener HKR Tuner truck

Players will be spending $1,260,000 to get the Warrener HKR added to their car collection. This car is classified as a sedan, but it is actually a truck. It looks similar to other small trucks in the game but offers a much wider range of customization. Despite having a good number of customization options, the HKR just doesn’t fit the idea of an amazing tuner vehicle. It comes with fairly decent acceleration and a lackluster top speed. The handling could also be better coming in just above average.

Karin Futo GTX

GTA Online Karin Futo GTX tuner car

The Karin Futo is GTA‘s version of the Toyota AE86. Players who are a fan of 80’s styled cars will enjoy the look of this sports car. The liveries for this vehicle could be better but it offers far more than that for the upgrades. Players can customize just about everything on this car, making it one of the best to design. The top speed isn’t going to win any rewards, but the acceleration is something that any player will be proud of. The handling is also kind of lackluster for players who want to drift like a king.

Vapid Dominator GTT

GTA Online Vapid Dominator GTT tuner car

The only muscle car from the new update is the Dominator GTT. The look of this car alone is great without the customization options. Players can make this car look even better with the customization options.

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Like other vehicles, there are plenty to choose from. The liveries make this car look like even more of a racing car. The downside of this car is that, like most muscle cars, it has poor handling. Players who want this car will be spending $1,220,000.

Annis Euros

GTA Online Annis Euros tuner car being customized

Coming in at a whopping $1,800,000, the Annis Euros isn’t the most expensive car in the update, but it is still pretty pricey. This is one of the more modern-looking cars from the update that players can get their hands on. This car has some amazing liveries that mimic those found in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. Fans who remember that movie will love the livery designs that this car gets. One of them is reminiscent of the Drift King’s car and the other resembles Morimoto’s. The handling of the car isn’t amazing, but it gets by. The real bonuses of this car are the acceleration and speed being above average.

Dinka RT3000

GTA Online Dinka RT3000 tuner car

The Dinka RT3000 will cost players $1,715,000, but it is definitely worth it to get the new convertible from the Tuners update. This car has some of the best liveries out of all the cars from the update and even more customization options to really make it look nice. Players may recognize this car from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious as it is famously driven by Suki. This car has impressive speed and acceleration but it definitely isn’t the best. Unfortunately, players who are hoping to make this car look like the one from the movies will soon find out that none of the liveries match.

Karin Calico GTF

GTA Online Karin Calico GTF tuner car customized

The Karin Calico GTF may not be the fastest car in the update, but it definitely has the acceleration. The acceleration really helps to get back on the streets or catch up to players after a slowdown. The real prize from this car is the impressive handling it has. Among the cars from the update, the Karin Calico has the best handling of them all. Like all the other cars, the Calico has a bunch of customization options to choose from. Players can really make this 90’s style car look like something from a dream.

Annis ZR350

GTA Online ZR350 tuner cars racing

Known originally as just the ZR-350, this car first premiered in GTA San Andreas. In the previous game, the ZR-350 was known for being damage-resistant. It also possessed a great top speed and acceleration. Of course, like most cars, it was lacking in handling.

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This new iteration of the ZR-350 is now better than ever, possessing great speed and acceleration while also still retaining some of its damage resistance. It also comes with a ton of customization options for players to go wild with. They can finally pimp out this car and make it everything they ever wanted.

Dinka Jester RR

GTA Online Dinka Jester RR tuner car customized

The Dinka Jester RR has tons of upgrades and customizations for players to truly pimp out this ride. Coming in at a base cost of $1,970,000, this car offers fast speeds, decent handling, and acceleration. It can hold its own against many of the other sports cars and won’t give out in a high-speed pursuit. This car is definitely for the players who love to customize. While the other cars have customization options, few have as many as the Jester RR. Plus, the modern look really helps lighten things up and helps it stand out from the rest of the vehicles.

Annis Remus

GTA Online Annis Remus tuner car customized

The Annis Remus has a great mix of acceleration, handling, and speed that will make any car fanatic in GTA happy. The customization options are great for this vehicle and the liveries really help to give it that classic racing car feel. The acceleration of this car can be completely maxed out and the top speed is great. Even the handling of this car is something that players will love.

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