Fastest ways to earn LS Car Meet rep in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update

GTA Online’s Los Santos Tuners update is finally here, and if you want quick ways to earn rep from the brand-new LS Car Meet, well, here’s what you need to know.

After weeks of waiting, Rockstar Games finally gave GTA Online players the 2021 summer update that they’ve been waiting for in the form of the Los Santos Tuners.

As the name suggests, the new add-on is pretty much all about cars, as the GTA devs have added 10 new cars to the mix, with a further seven set to come through the drip-feed process.

The LS Car Meet serves as the main hub for the update, allowing you to show off your new ride and race against others around the new Test Track. However, if you really want to experience everything that the update has to offer, well, you need to level up your rep.

Screenshot of LS Car Meet in GTA Online
Rockstar Games

The LS Car Meet is the hub of this Los Santos Tuners update.

How to earn Car Meet rep in GTA Online

The rep for the LS Car Meet is different from the usual RP you earn in GTA Online. Everyone starts at level zero and as you level up, you’ll unlock discounts on cars, customization options, and new cosmetics.

Just like the normal GTA Online rep points, you can earn Car Meet rep in a series of different ways. Yes, you’ll get daily log-in bonuses and rep every few minutes for just being there, but they aren’t great amounts.

As YouTuber GTAMen points out, the best way to level up is through playing the new race series and trying the new cars out. Here, you’ll gain some serious rep and be on the fast track to getting the big unlocks from the update.

Best ways to earn LS Car Meet Rep in GTA Online

If you don’t want to race on the open roads, you don’t have to. You can simply earn rep from wearing the new LS Car Meet clothes or customizing your car.

Though, if you do want to race, the new Pursuit and Street Races series are your best bet, especially if you can host one-lap versions of the latter and get a full lobby. You can check out a breakdown of some of the best ways to earn Car Meet RP below:

  • Hang out at the LS Car Meet – 10 Rep every 4 minutes (20 RP if wearing Car Meet clothes)
  • Test out cars at LS Car Meet
  • Customizing your cap – 125 Rep (Can be done twice a day)
  • Buying clothes from LS Car Meet – 125 Rep
  • 7-day log-in bonus – 100 Rep
  • 14-day log-in bonus – 250 Rep
  • 30-day log-in bonus – 500 Rep
  • Participate in a race – 125 Rep
  • Win a Street Race with 5 or more racers – an additional 80 Rep
  • Win a Pursuit Race with 9 or more racers – an additional 100 Rep

Of course, this is GTA Online, so Rockstar will be dishing out boosts over time. It won’t be long before we get a 2x or 3x rep boost for the week.

If anything changes, we’ll update the numbers as and when, but for now, get out and grind up your Rep.