From Rags to Riches, Harry Shasho Establishes One of New York’s Most Prominent Automotive Customization Shops, 212 Motoring

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2021 / The road to success often comes with a series of hardships and difficulties. The path is never an easy straight line. It is paved with a series of roadblocks and challenges that one must overcome. Much like the story of esteemed entrepreneur Harry Shasho, his journey to becoming the owner of New York City’s most prominent automotive customization shop was never easy, but he persevered through it all, becoming the successful man that he is today.

Harry Shasho’s rags to riches story begins in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bensonhurst. Growing up, he had to constantly deal with bullying, a violent neighborhood and a rough home situation. His formative years were spent in a very tough neighborhood, and circumstances were always hard on him; but he continued to pursue his passion for succeeding.

The hardships that he constantly faced became the fuel that allowed him to propel himself to the top of the automobile industry. However, in a tragic turn of events, he would soon lose his parents in the midst of a divorce. Soon after, both of them tragically passed away in his early 20s leaving him all alone to fend for himself.

Harry knew that he had to carve his path towards success all on his own. He forayed into the world of computer retail, establishing a business with a loyal clientele. However, in the late 90s, the computer retail industry would crash, leaving behind a financial mess for the upstart entrepreneur. His love for cars would soon bring some light and hope into his life as he clung to his passion more deeply than ever.

“I walked miles each day with the little money I had saved up just to buy car magazines,” Harry reminisced while sitting in his well-kept office at 212 Motoring. He began fueling his passion by learning everything that he could about cars and the industry. He was fully dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of the niche industry that he had chosen.

Through his constant hard work and determination, he transformed himself from being a young boy coming from a broken home to a titan in the car customization industry. Nowadays, Harry Shasho has become the owner of one of New York City’s finest auto customization shops, 212 Motoring. He has a team of automobile professionals who work on some of the most exotic cars on the market.

212 Motoring provides a diverse selection of car customization services such as window tinting, remote start, custom painting, and other vehicle upgrades. The esteemed customization company has garnered a lot of attention through the years, attracting many celebrities and athletes to work with them. Chris Brown and Vince Carter are among these well-known individuals that have availed of the company’s services.

Even the NYPD and Homeland Security have sought out 212 Motoring to provide vehicle customization services for their fleet. Patrons that pass by 212 Motoring on any given day will see a wide variety of luxury cars and sports cars out front.

Through Harry Shasho’s successful entrepreneurial pursuits, he has become a loyal and top customer at brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. He has built a collection of over 20 luxury cars, including several supercars. His collection is a testament to his rise from zero to hero, allowing him to bask in the light of his success.

Harry’s entrepreneurial passion has allowed him to venture into the real estate industry, flipping houses throughout the five boroughs of New York. As he continues down the path of his entrepreneurial success, Harry Shasho hopes to inspire more and more people with his story of success. The man is non-stop, and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

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