Here’s Everything You Should Know About The Electrified Garage Tesla Service Center

A major aspect of owning a vehicle is ensuring that it’s well maintained. Taking care of your car or truck not only makes it safer but more reliable as well. Many car owners are also interested in customizing their rides; thankfully some shops and garages have met this market demand and provide the relevant services.

However, those with electric vehicles often struggle with this aspect of their car ownership. This is because although the industry has grown, there’s a lack of relevant servicing locations for EVs. Enter The Electrified Garage Tesla Service Center, which has three locations; one in Seabroo, NH, and two in Florida.

This Tesla Service Center was founded by two people. Chris Salvo, a former Tesla engineer, and Rich Benoit, who has a YouTube channel and specializes in rebuilding Teslas. The ladder has been a huge proponent of Right to Repair for Teslas.

Many of you may want to know more about the first-ever ground-up Tesla and EV-only repair and customization facility, so we did a little research.

Without further ado, here’s what you should know about The Electrified Garage Tesla Service Center.

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The Tesla Electrified Garage Has Plenty On Offer

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The most important service offered at the Electrified Garage is the obvious.

They perform various services on electric cars such as tire alignments, electrical repairs, custom modifications, and pretty much anything else a person with a Tesla would need to have done to their car. The fact that most other auto shops are not trained to work with electric vehicles means this is a super valuable service for many people.

Some of the other common aspects they work on are thermal management systems, suspension, and a large variety of upgrades.

Another great thing about The Electrified Garage Tesla Service Center is that they’re willing to teach you about your electric vehicle. Many people may either have their first one or are considering purchasing a Tesla. This means most of their prior vehicle knowledge will be about traditional cars. The team at this garage can teach you how to properly operate your car or simply provide you with an explanation of how an electric vehicle actually works.

They do this by providing various electrified training classes. One example of a class they offer is Intro to Model S. These are usually multiple-day training classes, most people will need a hotel since there are only three garages around the country, and the training is not cheap. For instance, The Intro to Model S training is priced just below $1,000.

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They Provide A Necessary Service For Many People

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The Electrified Garage Tesla Service Centers are extremely valuable to electric car drivers. The lack of resources for this section of this car market is often a deterrent for people who may strongly consider buying an electric driving option such as a Tesla.

Customers can visit these facilities and trust that they are not only receiving the best service possible but that they will receive quality information regarding how to be a better electric car owner. Hopefully, more of these centers will open in other locations around the world.

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