How to Avoid Traffic Tickets – Know Simple and Easy Tips

Speed is one of the primary factors that you have to consider when driving a vehicle. Many situations can go wrong while driving. People who caught exceeding the speed limit have to face legal issues like paying fines, driving license suspension, and others. One of the best ways to avoid a speed fine is staying like a Buddhist or following the speed limits.

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About speeding fines

Traffic police officers issue fines for speeding office based on the witness of public authorities or videos captured on the traffic monitoring devices. The road offences like fines come under the law of the state government. So, the severity of cases varies from one state to the other. The fine amount also changes depending on the vehicle’s kind.

Demerit points

Once you receive a driving license, you will get a demerit point with zero balance. Each time when you are caught violating the road rules, demerit points are added. When you reach optimal demerit balance, you will get a notice that offers an option between driving a vehicle without making any offence for 12 months and temporary suspension of license.

In this article, you can learn a few ways that help in avoiding speed fines. Let us know about them in detail:

Look ahead

By looking far ahead, you can drive in a straight line. Many of us look closer when nervous and tend to change the direction forward and backward in the lane. When you look at the mirror, far ahead, you can drive straight and reach your destination without violating the road rules.

Get a radar detector.

Many officers use radar guns to find vehicles that exceed speed limits, while others will use lasers that detect the vehicle once the speed is recorded. So, using a radar detector may give you a warning. These detectors can make you comfortable, but it is the last defence because using a radar detector is illegal in few states.

Check the lightings

A regular check of few basic parts will help you in avoiding fines. So, keep an eye on the indicator, bulbs, and even the light of the license plate. Driving with no lights or bright lights is the quick way for pulling over. Remember to turn on the headlights while driving as it is the big sign traffic police officers look at in drunk drivers.

A traffic police officer will have discretionary power, which means they can give a warning instead of a ticket. If you caught violating speed limits, use Buddhist skills like calm, honest, and analyzing the people’s aura for the best hope. Fortunately, you may get a chance to admit the guilt without paying the fine (called section 10).

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