Is Auto Shop a worthy investment in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update?

The Los Santos Tuners update has brought some much-needed additions to GTA Online. One of these is the Auto Shop, a new kind of purchasable property in the game. The main question it raises among players is whether it is a worthwhile purchase.

This update has given birth to a whole new underground racing scene in Los Santos. Some fans even felt that Los Santos Tuners is the spiritual successor to the Midnight Club series. It has brought in multiple new cars, races and missions that utilize the new vehicles.

The update was so well received that it became the most popular GTA Online update ever made. The excitement around it will continue as Rockstar is yet to release seven more cars gradually.

GTA Online: Is it worth buying an Auto Shop?

The Auto Shops are vehicle customization and repair shops situated all around Los Santos. The new cars in the Los Santos Tuners update are almost similarly priced to an Auto Shop in GTA Online.

The price of the cars ranges from $1.2 million to $1.9 million whereas the Auto Shops are priced at $1.7 million to $1.9 million. Like most purchasable properties, they can be customized and upgraded with additional funds.

However, these don’t have much of an effect on the profits generated by the business. The main reason for buying an Auto Shop in GTA Online is to access the new Contracts and Exotic Exports list.

However, these missions aren’t enough to cover the expenses of the initial investment. Even the client customization jobs aren’t very well paying compared to the Vehicle Source missions.

Here is a list of the means of profit accessible from the Auto Shop:

  • Legitimate repair business: Players can repair and customize client cars and deliver them back to earn anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000 per vehicle.
  • Contracts: These are six heist-like missions that can be completed with any of the Tuner cars from the update. They can bring a profit of around $160,000 to $170,000 for each mission.
  • Exotic Exports: After completing their first Contract, players can unlock a list of cars on a blackboard inside the Auto Shop. Stealing and delivering these cars to the docks will grant a reward of $20,000 per vehicle. A total of 10 cars can be stolen per day, which upon completion earns the player a $100,000 bonus reward.

Stealing and delivering the Exotic Exports cars are the best means of earning profit through the Auto Shop in GTA Online. The Contracts are also well-constructed missions that offer an entertaining experience for players. Thus, players who wish to play them will have to buy an Auto Shop.

While this is not a very lucrative business venture, players can still purchase it to play the missions and get access to the mod shop. They can return to the initial purchase cost with minimal grinding.