Is GTA Online’s Specter Custom one of the best Benny’s Customs cars in 2021?

GTA Online has served as a playground for car enthusiasts since its launch over seven years ago. Since then, Rockstar Games has steadily picked up the pace regarding new cars and customizations.

As usual, the developer struck gold with the addition of Benny’s Original Motor Works. Benny’s shop serves as a stepping stone for players looking to take car customization to the next level.

Users can bring select rides to Benny’s Auto Shop, where, for a specific price, they can be upgraded to custom variants with more modification options. The Specter Custom is one of the best additions to date that won’t break the bank.

Everything about the Dewbauchee Specter Custom in GTA Online

“Imagine the most exclusive two-door sports car on the planet. Now imagine gutting it, and transforming it into a lightweight, liveried, carbon-fiber racer. Why, you ask? Well, why did we go to the moon? Why do we build to the stars? Why do we watch celebrity s*x tapes instead of proper p*rn? Exactly. Now stop asking perfectly legitimate questions and get out your damn wallet.”

— Benny’s Original Motor Works description

The Dewbauchee Specter is a 2-door sports class car that draws inspiration from three iconic real-life cars for its design: the Aston Martin DB10, Porsche 918, and the Mercedes-McLaren SLR.

A standout feature of this car is its relatively cheap price tag of GTA $599,000 at Benny’s website. The conversion for the Specter is also cheap coming at just GTA $252,000 to make it a custom variant.

However, the Specter’s low price is not indicative of its performance as it can punch well above its weight for a car under one million dollars. It is a rear-wheel-drive, 6-speed monster that can do up to 121.25 mph (195.13 km/h) on a straight road.

The Specter’s main selling point is the extensive customization potential that truly allows players to make it their own. The vehicle’s performance around corners leaves something to be desired for a car that can be maxed out for under a million dollars, but there really isn’t much room to complain.

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