Razer launches Basilisk V3 mouse with more customization options

Razer today launched the Basilisk V3, its latest right-handed gaming mouse featuring a wide range of customization options. In addition to programmable buttons, one of the big new features in the Basilisk V3 is its scroll wheel with tilt support.

What that means is that you can now scroll in four different directions by tilting the scroll wheel to either side. Razer calls it the HyperScroll Tilt Wheel, and 4-way scrolling isn’t all that’s new. For vertical scrolling, you can choose whether you want a textile feel, smooth scrolling, or an auto mode that adapts to your scrolling speed. If you scroll slowly, you’ll feel each step with a click, but when you speed up, the wheel will spin smoothly, similar to the MagSpeed wheel on Logitech mice.

With Razer’s Synapse software, you can also enable virtual acceleration, which increases the scrolling speed when you spin the scroll wheel quickly. If you’ve used a touchpad, this should feel similar to when you quickly swipe the touchpad to scroll.

Moving on to the buttons, there are 11 in total on the Basilisk V3, and you can fully customize them with Razer Synapse. The buttons include the major left and right buttons, the scroll wheel button (and the two side presses), two buttons below the scroll wheel, and three buttons on the right side. Razer gives you a few preset options for some games and even Microsoft Excel, but you can fully customize these buttons. However, we’ve only mentioned 10 buttons, and the last one is under the mouse. This switches between different configuration profiles, of which the Basilisk V3 can store 5. However, even this can be customized with Razer Synapse.

Razer Basilisk V3 bottom

Then there’s the optical sensor, and Razer is using its Focus+ sensor with a 26,000 DPI, which should be able to track on just about any surface. You can adjust the sensitivity on the fly, and you can even customize the lift-off and landing distance for the mouse, so it stops tracking when you lift it above a certain distance from the surface.

Other features of the Basilisk V3 include Razer’s optical mouse switches that are rated for up to 70 million clicks, 11 Razer Chroma RGB lighting zones you can customize, and a 6-foot Speedflex cable, which should prevent snagging while moving the mouse around. The Razer Basilisk V3 is designed for right-handed users, and it weighs in at 101 grams, so it’s not the lightest option out there.

The Razer Basilisk V3 is available starting today for $69.99 or €79.99, and you can already find it an Amazon using the link below. It’s also on Razer’s online store. If you want something a bit more unique, Razer recently announce Halo Infinite editions of some of its products, including the DeathAdder V2 mouse.

    The Razer Basilisk V3 features a 26,000 DPI optical sensor, 11 programmable buttons, and a 4-way scroll wheel, giving you tons of customization options for games and other software.