Red Dead Online Player Recreates Trevor From Grand Theft Auto 5

A clever Red Dead Online player uses the game’s character creator to make the GTA 5 protagonist Trevor Phillips in all his unhinged glory.

Over the three years since Red Dead Online‘s launch, the online offering of Red Dead Redemption 2 has become a hotbed of unique fan creations. Fans of Rockstar’s open-world adventure in the Old West have used the bounty of options provided for character creation to pay homage to their favorite video games, TV shows, and more through Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online’s droves of creative and talented fans have used the cowboy shooter’s in-game character customization to create uncanny representations of iconic characters from different mediums, with many turning out great. For example, the wide range of options between both facial features and outfits has led to The Witcher‘s Geralt of Rivia saddling up for an adventure in the Old West. One fan recently looked to mix two of Rockstar’s biggest franchises with their Red Dead Online character.

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Reddit user HappySlave15 uses Red Dead Online‘s suite of customization options to envision Grand Theft Auto 5‘s Trevor Philips in the time of cowboys and outlaws. The stunning creation perfectly recreates Trevor’s signature scowl, and is complete with a receding hairline to match with the perpetually angry criminal. The creation also comes wearing a denim jacket similar to one worn by Trevor in much of Grand Theft Auto V‘s promotional material. Despite being in a wholly different setting than the deserts of Blaine County, the old west interpretation manages to capture the look of the dangerous criminal Trevor Phillips.

Fellow fans in the post’s comment section were quick to praise the creation for its striking resemblance to the Grand Theft Auto 5 protagonist. Others joked about the discrepancy between the Red Dead Online creations having far more hair than the balding Trevor from the 2013 state of San Andreas. Trevor has become a fan favorite amongst fans of Grand Theft Auto V for his chaotic and mentally unhinged attitude which allows the character to fit in well in an era that was often “kill or be killed”.

Red Dead Online‘s character creation engine has become something of a canvas for the series’ most creative and talented fans. Between popular characters from modern shows like Invincible‘s Omni-Man and classic Western homages like Buster Scruggs, fans continue to create brilliant representations of their favorite properties within Red Dead Online. With the online title continuing to receive new content through frequent updates, too, it seems likely that fans of Rockstar’s cowboy western will continue to produce fantastic creations.

Red Dead Online is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One

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