The car washes keep opening in Ocala/Marion

Full-service car washes have come a long way since the first one, called Automobile Laundry, opened in Detroit in 1914. And now, a century later, there is a carwash boom in Marion County.

That first car wash used employees to push cars through a tunnel while others soaped, rinsed and dried vehicles in an assembly line process. Now, customers pay at a kiosk and vehicles are guided onto an automatic conveyor. 

Since that first full-service car wash, companies have added pre-scrub areas to get bugs off grilles, bumpers and windshields, and provide post-wash stations equipped with vacuums, window cleaner and towels. 

Coming soon:Culver’s building; RaceWash to be at old Krystal

Business moves: Tidal Wave at old Wendy’s on SR 200

Lots of storage:Marion poised to gain 5 million more square feet of warehouse space

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