XEMC’s retrofitted 120 t all battery electric truck gets to work at Huolinhe coal mine

Posted by Paul Moore on 26th July 2021

On July 22, XEMC’s recently completed 120 t all battery electric-powered AC drive mining truck was officially delivered to energy company SPIC’s Huolinhe open pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia and immediately put into use, which the OEM said opened the prelude of China’s mining operations entering a “new energy era.” It added that China had “reached the world’s leading level” in the field of 100 t class all electric mining dump trucks, and that it will “promote the development of the mining industry toward green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection” representing “a new milestone for green mine construction in China.”

The truck is the only one of this class which has been successfully developed and put into active production in the world. It is a conversion of a 108 t class XEMC SF31904 AC drive rigid truck. The XEMC truck battery has a power rating of 1,575 kWh using LiFePO4 batteries from Chinese battery giant CATL and the converted truck is able to operate for an eight hour shift before charging which takes one hour. In Belarus, BELAZ is testing its 7558E 90 t class prototype, which has 15 lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) battery modules (total 765 kWh) manufactured in South Korea by Enertech International.

The XEMC truck’s energy management system has been developed jointly with well-known domestic battery enterprises including CATL. “Through the innovative breakthrough of various advanced technologies, the overall performance of the vehicle is significantly improved, the vehicle structure is simple, dynamic performance and braking performance is good, at the same time has high reliability, convenient maintenance, low noise, high comfort and other characteristics.”